Troy Creagh


“Music shows you what is already inside you…”

Troy Gerard is one one


Introduced to the guitar by his grandfather in Holland, Troy Creagh uncovered his inner joy for music. Spending summers with his grandfather, who had played guitar with such greats as Jerry Lee Lewis, Creagh built his foundation for his musical career through these familial interactions. Blending a foundation of Queen, Guns and Roses and Jim Hall, Creagh explored music through records and live performances. 

In high school Creagh delved into the world of Jazz, furthering his understanding of theory and performance. Moving forward into college, he enrolled into music school to hone his ear and his skills as a multifaceted musician. He studied guitar and was an active member in the jazz band during his studies. Mentored by tenor sax Ken Bowman, Creagh truly expanded his playing and ability. 

A few years later at a local jazz open mic night, Moji Abiola and Troy shared the stage for the classic jazz ballad "My Funny Valentine". This serendipitous meeting immediately created a musical connection between the two individuals. Shortly thereafter, Creagh joined the band thus completing the eclectic trio. Combining his great sense of rhythm, sophisticated tone, and ear for adding texture, Creagh adds the backbone to the band's power and dynamic flexibility.

Feeling a sense of liberation in the project, Creagh brings the complexity of jazz with the variation of rhythms to support the accessibility and freedom of Moji’s voice. Creagh also taps into the honesty of the music the trio is creating, building on the songs that can have a positive effect on their audience as a universal message. “Music shows you what is already inside you…”, says Creagh.  “It has a mirror effect. Everyone identifies with something different in each piece of music.”