David Garcia


“This project brings me to an honest place and it brings out the best potential in me…”

D.L. Garcia Getting his life


Growing up in a musical household, drummer David Garcia was consistently surrounded by music. A young life steeped in soul and funk, Garcia often heard Earth Wind and Fire, Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, and other Motown giants from his parents. Also influenced by family, Garcia looked to his grandfather as inspiration. As a pianist, brass, and woodwind player, Garcia’s grandfather was a premiere player in the Big Band Era even collaborating with jazz legend Tommy Dorsey. Garcia’s mother was very supportive of his musical inclinations and noticed that her son adapted quickly to the art form.

Over the years, Garcia’s influences evolved to all genres, including a wide range from classical to punk. In his late teens and early twenties, Garcia found himself traveling the country playing on tour and at festivals. Living and breathing in the festival environment was also balanced with the role of a music educator, sharing his talents with the next generation. Later in his career, Garcia’s talents progressed in various projects and included performances at such festivals as Free Press Summer Festival and Bonnaroo. 

Now collaborating with Moji Abiola and Troy Creagh, Garcia’s rhythmic talents are adding depth and weight to the band. The pillar in the foundation of rhythm and its variations in the trio, Garcia is able to explore diversity in sound and contribute to the soulful and sometimes chaotic nature of the band. Linked by the honesty and energy in the band, Garcia’s talents are on full display in their musical trio. “This project brings me to an honest place and it brings out the best potential in me…”, states Garcia. “Being in a lot of projects with highs and lows and investing a lot of time, I was unsure I would ever find a solid group to play with. This project has really motivated me and has given me clarity, reminding me of the unique physicality of playing drums.”