music to my ears

I've been spending a lot of time awake instead of sleeping-- sometimes by choice, usually not. to fill the quietude i listen to music. I have listed a few songs i've enjoyed over the past month. xx M.

Kero Kero Bonito: Build it Up

This song activates my "power up" extra life mode... I've never been into video games but I have definitely fantasized about becoming a cartoon and doing backflips off the walls. yeah.


Tune-Yards: Real Thing

The harmony and break down from 3:10 onwards makes me feel a little shaky. in a "this is too good to be true" kind of way. 


Father John Misty: Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)

Let's talk about the bridge and the horns on this song... for me it's the aural equivalent of Mike Tyson releasing a flock of doves from a tower as the sun peeks over the hills. no, really.

"you left a note in your perfect script: stay as long as you want. and i haven't left your bed since."



Run The Jewels

I can't choose just one song and don't want to post a link to their entire album. Go get Run the Jewels 2. Be advised, it may cause a sudden urge to flip a desk over and declare how few *blanks* you have to give.

***fyi: views expressed in this song are not 100% endorsed by M. 

King Sunny Ade: Me Le Se (pronounced: mEH le shEH)

I've been feeling a bit homesick for my family (and Nigerian culture) since reading the AMAZING book: Americanah, so i've been reaching back to some sounds i remember from my childhood. King Sunny Ade was kind of *it* as his music was the best party music for those who enjoyed JuJu music. 

But that drum breakdown at 3:43 tho...